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LoveMe: ElielCruz


Season two of the Love, Me series has been spotlighting LGBTQ+ individuals who are struggling to overcome severe treatment-resistant depression. In the series, notable people within the queer community open up about their experiences with mental health, document their struggles, and share how they continue to deal with depression on a daily basis. During this new episode of Love, Me, organizer, speaker, and writer Eliel Cruz talks about growing up in a Christian household and starting to deal with homophobia as a young kid. “I think folks generally misunderstand depression to be only situational sadness,” Cruz explains. “Depression can show up in a multitude of ways, whether it be a really messy room, or me not having the energy to cook for myself, or struggling with personal hygiene.” Eliel Cruz, Love, Me: https://www.out.com/health/2022/7/15/navigating-depression-takes-different-lens-lgbtq-person

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