Sara Quin and Railey Gilliland on 'High School'


For more than two decades, indie pop stars Tegan and Sara Quin have crafted an air and mystique as the epitome of effortlessly cool. But it turns out, even the ultra-hip artists behind hits like “Walking With a Ghost,” “Closer,” and “Everything is Awesome” were once awkward teens navigating friendships, first loves, and broken hearts, too. Just like the rest of us, the Quins struggled through the challenges and joys of the discovery of their identities — in their case as twins, individuals, and queer women. This makes their stories both simultaneously unique to Tegan and Sara, but also instantly recognizable to any queer kid growing up in the ’90s. The musicians opened up about those experiences in their 2019 memoir High School, a story that has now been adapted to TV and premieres this month on Freevee.

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